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Samuel Tweed Fabrics

A/W 14/15 Collection: Reinvention

For AW14/15, historical and Iconic patterns are revisited, restyled, recoloured, revived and reinvented. Essentially classic patterns are reworked to tell a new story.

Heritage checks are given a makeover, and are magnified to become unconventionally oversized. Pinstripes retreat under the surface of the fabric and reveal themselves through a fuzzy surface. Traditional tartan and plaid designs are re-presented as oversized with new and unexpected colourings. Stripes emerge dramatically from a brushstroke-like ripple surface. Bold and dramatic colours illuminate engineered panel designs. Plains and semi-plains explode with colour, like an artist’s palette, where endless colours can be created with surface mixes that emulate the brush strokes of the artist’s canvas.

The new collection was launched at Premiere Vision.