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Samuel Tweed Fabrics

Artisan A/W 19/20

The new Samuel Tweed collection of luxury mohair fabrics for A/W 2019/20 will be launched at Premiere Vision from 19th to 21st September 2018. In weights ranging from 250 to 650grm the fabric collection is presented in five tonal colour and design stories. A piece dyed range of classic and fashion colours, and a comprehensive selection of both traditional and modern tartan checks, are available
from stock.

Our World has always been a great source of inspiration for artists of all kinds. Its beauty, wonders, endless secrets, remarkable variety and vastness beyond imagination has become the inspiration for so many canvasses, shaped many stones and metals, and been told through endless streams of words and dance. The Artist, having a unique sensitivity and imagination, creates and curates a vision into
a reality with an ability to perceive the world in new ways.

 The Collection Summary:

Piece Dyed Plains – the beautiful basics that charm and comfort.

Semi Plain melange effect on a white base, simple and straightforward, unembellished beauty.

Barely – there pinstripes: emerging and then disappearing from the fluffy surface.

Sculptural Herringbones: brushed to subdue the graphic elements.

Statement Blazer stripes: Bold, brash and unusually coloured.

Gradated Weft Stripes: Crude and dramatic and Rothko-esque in their interpretation.

Weft Panel Weaves: combining raw/naïve look with a contemporary luxury feel.

Traditional Colour and Weave effects: classic patterns paired with white for dramatic contrast.

Over printed checks: with a painterly quality

Tartans: the design classic interpreted into a not so obvious fabric type, brushed, textured and re invented on a tweed base.

Large Blanket checks: Giant in scale, and dramatic in colour.

Oversized plaids: in faded and blurry colourings.

Monochrome herringbones: with artisanal motifs and geometric dobby weaves.

Reinvented Classic designs: including Estate and Houndstooth checks.

The new collection is worked into five exciting colour and design stories: The Photographer, The Poet, The Performer, The Painter and The Sculptor.